Take a look at some before and after photos of work we have done:

Before and After: King Ranch Leather in a luxury Ford truck.
Randy is one of the few technicians in the U.S.
to successfully repair and restore Ford King Ranch Leather.

Total Color Change on Waxed Nubuck: These two sofas come
from the same set. The original is on the right, the sofa on the left
was re-dyed by Randy. Eventually, the entire set was re-dyed:
sofas, loveseat, chair and ottoman.

Complete Redye: This leather topcoat was cleaned and completely redyed
to repair ink stains.

Surface Abrasion of Leather on a Pigmented Top-Coated Sauvage
This is an extremely difficult repair to perform, as it requires an exact
blending of three different colors and patterns to exactly match the finish.

Leather Cleaning

Vinyl Repair: Repair of multiple tears in Nautique Dash pod.

Vinyl Repair: Repair of multiple tears in auto chair arm.

Sample Upholstery Repair: In addition to leather,
MASLOM is fully qualified in upholstery and vinyl repair.