Our Services

MASLOM Interiors specializes in high-end leather repair. Additionally, MASLOM Interiors provides a full range of interior repair services, including upholstery and vinyl repair, cleaning, and restoration. We have consulted for the court as a leather expert in legal cases. We service the greater Sacramento/Placer County area, generally within a radius of twenty-five miles. However, we can travel further for an additional fee.

Leather Furniture
MASLOM Interiors often works on high-end leather furniture for manufacturers and dealers. We are authorized repair technicians for many furniture and automotive warranty companies. MASLOM has top-level certification from Leather Master.

Automotive Interiors
MASLOM Interiors works with luxury car dealerships and private individuals to restore damaged leather interiors to a "like-new" appearance. MASLOM has worked on Jaguars, BMW's, Corvettes, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, custom show cars, and the like. Randy Goodwin, owner and lead technician of MASLOM Interiors, is one of the few technicians in the United States to successfully work on Ford King Ranch leather for luxury Ford trucks.

Specialty Items
MASLOM Interiors has experience restoring specialty leather items such as leather floors, Moroccan camel saddles, antique saddles, a civil-war era conference table, and classic wooden boats, including a 1936 Garwood in Lake Tahoe.